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We combine human and artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented insights.

SecDev Services

Custom solutions to complex challanges

Intelligence as a service

Applying our distinctive all-source approach, we seamlessly integrate publicly accessible information (PAI) with open source AI-powered analysis (OSAINT), effectively converting it into real-time intelligence that drives decisive actions.

Data science on demand

Leveraging internet-scale data, we specialize in crafting customized data tools and AI applications that bridge the gap between information and human comprehension, addressing our clients' specific requirements with precision and clarity.

Strategic foresight

By harnessing a global network of experts, we tap into invaluable local insights, enabling us to convert information into strategic foresight that drives informed decision-making.

Recent Engagements

Tailored research, data sources and AI applications

Digital harms and violent extremism

SecDev supports the United Nations in monitoring the impact of digital harms and violent extremism. Our research shapes local responses that build stronger and safer communities by reducing risk factors and strengthening resilience. Our work in South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East and North Africa informs critical development and humanitarian programming.  Our work in Central Asia and Bangladesh has been featured in Foreign Policy magazine.

Early warning systems

SecDev’s early warning systems aggregate data and build just-in-time dashboards to support humanitarian and emergency response. We built and deployed systems to help leading cities including Amsterdam, Bristol, Chicago, Los Angeles, Ottawa and Port-at-Prince respond to the pandemic that were featured by BBC, SingularityWEF. Our early warning systems support humanitarian response in Haiti.


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