About SecDev

We have a vision,and are passionate about our mission. Learn about our values, career opportunities and the ethical commitments  that guide our work.

Vision and Misson


At SecDev, we envision a world where the synergy of human and artificial intelligence revolutionizes risk management. We're committed to delivering data-driven insights and innovative solutions that fuel transformative progress and foster a safer, more vibrant future for all.

Mission statement

SecDev’s mission is to harness the power of data and unite human and artificial intelligence in delivering cutting-edge consulting solutions. We are dedicated to empowering global leaders in business, government, and intergovernmental organizations with unparalleled expertise. Leveraging our extensive global network and innovative mindset, we strive to catalyze transformative change and forge enduring value for a safer, more secure tomorrow.

Our Story

Throughout the span of the previous 16 years, SecDev has persistently been at the forefront of innovation, crafting state-of-the-art tools and accruing profound insights into the rapidly evolving digital age.  This brief history of the company's journey provides a unique perspective into its establishment and metamorphosis—from its roots in university-based research to its ascendancy as a global front-runner in the realm of risk analysis and consultation.


At SecDev, we firmly embed an ethical and human rights-based lens into all our undertakings. We are dedicated to continually assessing the impact of our work, and have made significant contributions to the formulation of international norms. We embrace a deep-seated sense of duty towards both care and service in all our endeavors. Learn more about our commitments below.

Responsible use of AI

SecDev takes a responsible approach to the design, development and deployment of AI tools and systems to scale with confidence. Our AI governance policy lays our ten principles that guide our AI-related activities.

Privacy Policy

We take data privacy seriously. SecDev is compliant with all Canadian and emerging global best practice. You can access our  privacy policy here

Careers @Secdev

Interested in a career at SecDev? Talk to us about the many ways to engage. We seek partnership with like-minded organizations globally and offer full time, part time and internship positions covering a range of professional paths including data science, advanced analytics, management consulting, cyber security, and advanced artificial intelligence.  Visit our careers page get in touch with us directly through our LinkedIn site.


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