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We are pleased to announce that SecDev has extended its platform onto Substack, providing our audience with a broader range of content. Our Substack presence offers complimentary access to various resources, including our concise Flashnotes, in-depth white papers, and public research reports.

For individuals and organizations seeking tailored analysis, we encourage you to subscribe to our custom assessments and specialized research services. These offerings are designed to provide bespoke insights, catering to your unique informational requirements.


Highlights of SecDev’s work over the years

Texts, trenches and telecom

Secdev's Robert Muggah keynotes SEC CON at MWC2023 – on how telecoms are transforming conflict zones.

Cities, war and AI

SecDev’s Rafal Rohozinski on digital transformation, the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war, and the disruptive potential of artificial intelligence.

Covid and the digital city

SecDev’s work helping Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Chicago battle the Covid pandemic (2021)

Ukraine and cyberwar

SecDev’s Rafal Rohozinski talks to Canada’s CTV on the cyberwar in Ukraine.

Risks facing cities

Robert Muggah’s TED talk on the biggest risks facing cities, and some solutions.

White Papers and  Research

Selected publications from our work

In the news

  • Artificial intelligence will entrench global inequality (Foreign Policy)

  • AI is poised to revolutionize intelligence and risk analysis (CIGI)

  • AI and the global south (Project Syndicate)

  • Latin America’s crime surge is fuelled by surging cocaine production (Small Wars Journal)

  • Opinion: The global gold rush puts the Amazon rainforest at greater risk (NPR)

  • Will Brazil destroy the amazon to save the climate? (Foreign Policy)

  • Ecuador’s crime wave and its Albanian connection (Americas Quarterly)

  • The Amazon’s gold rush is a threat to law and order (Context News)

  • Can a new regional pact protect the Amazon from environmental crime? (Mongabay)

  • Inteligencia artificial y los países en desarrollo (La Nacion)

  • The pushback against the 15 minute city (Boston Globe)

  • Haiti is on the brink of state failure (Foreign Policy)

  • To stop Amazon plunder, Brazil must change hearts and minds (Washington Post)

  • Disinformation and consequences in Brazil (Context)

  • Brazil breaks new ground in the global fight against fake news (openDemocracy)

  • An insurrection foretold (Project Syndicate)

  • Why we need global rules to crack down on cybercrime (WEF)

  • The scramble for rare earths (BBC)

  • Russia’s resource grab in Ukraine (Foreign Policy)

  • The war against Ukraine has reached outer space (iPolitics)

  • The missing ‘cybergeddon’: what Ukraine can tell us about the future of cyber war (IISS)

  • The tragedy of Vladimir Putin and Russia (OpenCanada)


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