Wicked problems demand innovative solutions.

Here are some of the areas where SecDev’s work has made a difference.

"We trust visionaries at SecDev to solve the futures most complex security challenges, to trailblaze the path through the geo-politics of cyberspace, identify emerging threats, produce the most advanced analytical products in this space and deliver elegant solutions that meet the demands of the country's largest telecommunications carrier."

SecDev Client

Digital transformation.

We work with corporate, national and municipal leaders to maximize quality of life and design-in safety, security, and create sustainable pathways to growth.

Partners and clients

  • Estonian e-Government Academy

  • G 100

  • Global Parliament of Mayors

  • IDRC

  • City of Ottawa

  • World Bank

  • World Economic Forum


Early warning and response.

We've invented new methods and approaches to all source analysis bringing together human, machine, and artificial intelligence to build platforms and intelligence products for clients in defence and corporate risk management, and helping cities respond to COVID 19.

Partners and clients

  • Amsterdam

  • ASG

  • Bristol

  • Chicago

  • Eurasia Group

  • Facebook

  • Global Affairs Canada

  • Hilton Foundation

  • Los Angeles

  • Mapbox

  • OSCE

  • Planet

  • US Department of Defence

  • UK Ministry of Defence

Digital harms.

We support leading technology platforms, governments, and international organizations build effective strategies that detect, minimize, and reverse the harms caused by disinformation, misinformation, extremist content and strengthen digital citizenship.

Partners and clients

  • DAI

  • Facebook

  • Public Safety Canada

  • TikTok

  • United Nations Development Programme


  • YouTube

Climate change.

We advise municipal governments, global city networks, corporations and international organizations to navigate current and future climate change risks. We help decision makers leveraging data and simulations to mitigate and adapt to climate-related shocks and stresses. Anticipating the wide-ranging impacts of climate change can help optimize investments in resilience.

Partners and clients

  • C40

  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities

  • Metropolis

  • Multicore


Cyber security means turning risks into opportunities. We work with governments, critical infrastructure providers, corporate boards, and security teams to harden networks, minimize data risks, and build digital resilience through capacity building and training.

Partners and clients

  • Bank of Canada

  • Canadian Medical Association

  • Equality Fund

  • Government of Canada

  • G 100

  • Human Rights in China

  • National Endowment for Democracy


  • US State Department

  • Zeropoint Security

Humanitarian response.

We’ve pioneered digital humanitarian response capability to assist governments, international organizations and non-governmental agencies respond the digital dimensions of humanitarian crises and armed conflicts. Our portfolio includes Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Sahel region, Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. Our work delivering digital humanitarian response in Yemen was selected for investment by the Humanitarian Grand Challenge

Partners and clients

  • Global Affairs Canada

  • Grand Challenges Canada

  • Humanitarian Grand Challenge

  • United Nations


Learn how to leverage the power of human, machine and artificial intelligence to anticipate, manage and solve wicked challenges.

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