Geopolitics is a digital game

We harness the power of human and artificial intelligence to optimize risk management and seize strategic opportunities.

SecDev’s mission is to harness the power of data and unite human and artificial intelligence in delivering cutting-edge consulting solutions. We are dedicated to empowering global leaders in business, government, and intergovernmental organizations with unparalleled expertise. Leveraging our extensive global network and innovative mindset, we strive to catalyze transformative change and forge enduring value for a safer, more secure tomorrow.


Here's a glimpse into some of the areas we are currently working on.

The war for Ukraine’s mineral resources

SecDev’s research mapping and valuating Ukraine’s mineral resources seized by Russia was featured in the  Washington Post, BBCFinancial TimesForeign Policy and Globe and Mail. This initiative is a component of a broader emphasis on globally mapping critical minerals and rare earth resources.

Digital harm reduction

SecDev, along with its sister organization, SecDev Foundation,  pioneered the Digital Response initiative, an ambitious venture with the  objective of identifying and mitigating digital threats within conflict regions. In 2021-2022 , SecDev Was awarded a start-up grant by Global Affair Canada, Grand Challenges Canada, and, the Humanitarian Grand Challenge to pursue work in Yemen.

National cyber defence

SecDev, along with its affiliate Zeropoint Security, is actively involved in the development and execution of national cyber defence strategies and capabilities in the Western Balkans and Canada. Our scope of work encompasses safeguarding smart cities, providing guidance to governments on the formation of national cybersecurity centres, and fostering robust response capabilities through training. Together with DAI, SecDev supports the work of the critical infrastructure and digital resilience program (CIDR)  funded by USAID .

Para diplomatic engagement

SecDev convenes discrete para-diplomatic engagements in areas critical to global stability including cyber security, space governance, and the security of civilian nuclear infrastructure and military nuclear  command and control networks (NC3). Working with trusted partners in government and academia, we convene expert engagements to build understanding, connections, and establish the "human fabric" necessary for effective crisis management in times of unparalleled global instability. This activity is financially supported by the Carnegie corporation of New York.

Urban resilience

Decision-makers, investors, and entrepreneurs are in a unique position to reshape the way urban infrastructure is designed and operated, with a focus on distributed density, smart building design, and circular and nature-based solutions. Secdev works with a range of partners on issues of urban resilience including the World Economic Forum, MIT and the cities of Los Angeles, Barcelona, Bristol, Los Angeles, Chicago  and Ottawa.


SecDev is the trusted partner of international organizations, national and city governments, as well as Global 50 and Fortune 100 companies.


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