Cyber Defence and Digital Resilience

Our focus on critical infrastructure and digital resilience prepares clients to defend against attacks and build resilience. We are your strategic partner, from risk management and policy development to the design and deployment of security operations centres. Join us as we build your digital fortress in the age of escalating cyber threats. Your resilience is our mission.

Examples of our work

Selected engagements from our portfolio of work

National Cybersecurity

SecDev has been instrumental in establishing information security and digital resilience programs tailored for urban infrastructure. In the years 2022 and 2023, we were pivotal in deploying a cybersecurity strategy for critical infrastructure in Canada's national capital, serving in the capacity of Ottawa’s Chief Information Security Office during the onset of Russia's conflict with Ukraine. Our expertise extends to providing strategic advice and technical assistance globally, with a particular emphasis on cities in the Western Balkans, assisting them in their transition towards becoming smart and safe cities. We provide advice and technical assistance to transform cities in the Western Balkans, and globally, into smart and safe urban environments.

Critical infrastructure protection

At SecDev, we are at the forefront of enhancing digital resilience and securing critical infrastructure across the Western Balkans on a national scale. In strategic collaboration with USAID's Critical Infrastructure and Digital Resilience program (CIDR) and DAI, we have successfully facilitated governments in Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Albania in the establishment of national cybersecurity centres. Furthermore, we have been instrumental in devising hybrid cloud strategies aimed at the safeguarding of critical national assets, simultaneously bolstering the capacity of security operations centres.Through these endeavours, we solidify our commitment to creating secure, robust digital environments at the national level.

Digital resilience

In strategic collaboration with the World Bank, SecDev has led the innovation in the realm of digital economy country assessments and the formulation of robust national cybersecurity strategies, constructed to deliver resilience against an array of threats in Central  Asia. Our focused efforts have been instrumental in fostering the development of national digital economy strategy in Kyrgyzstan and advocating for the incorporation of best practices in Kazakhstan. This collective work is centered around ensuring that investments channeled into digital transformation not only promote economic growth but also enhance digital resilience, reflecting SecDev's steadfast commitment to driving a secure and resilient digital landscape.

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